10 wordpress plugins
for your website design.

WordPress is a flexible, expandable and above all very easy to use Content Management System for website developers and end users.

WordPress is already very complete in itself, but with plugins (read: extensions) you can greatly expand the functionality of your WordPress website.

In this article you will discover 20 useful WordPress plugins for your WordPress website. We show you:

why these WordPress plugins are useful
how these WordPress plugins work
what the specific benefits of these WordPress plugins are.

Let’s get to work!



10 handy WORD PRESS PLUGINS for web-design.


Why do you want to use the Yoast SEO plugin?

Do you want to make your website more visible and findable in Google so that more visitors and customers come to your website? Then optimize each individual page and blog post for Google.

The SEO Plugin from Yoast is the world’s most used plugin for search engine optimization (SEO).

How does the Yoast SEO plugin work?

The Yoast SEO plugin contains an analysis and optimization tool with which you can optimize each individual page and blog post around 1 specific search term or a combination of search terms.

If you enter a search term then the plugin gives instructions to further optimize your page for this search term.

Furthermore, you can use the SEO title and meta description of your page (ie the text you see in Google search results) simply adjust.

The benefits of the Yoast SEO plugin:

free to download
easy to install
easy to use
the plugin keeps Google informed when you adjust your website (via an automatic xml sitemap)
large positive influence on the findability and visibility of your website (if you use the plugin properly)


Why do you want to use the Google Analytics plugin?

Do you want to find out how many visitors your website attracts, where those visitors come from and what they do on your website? Of course! Because with this information you can effectively improve the results of your website.

The great thing is: this information is freely available via Google Analytics . However, you must first link your website to Google Analytics. That used to be difficult, but not anymore.

The Google Analytics by Yoast’ plugin makes it very easy for Google Analytics to install on your website and use.

How does Google Analytics by Yoast work?

Via this plugin you can quickly and easily place a Google Analytics “tracking code” on your website. Google Analytics uses this tracking code to register the traffic on your website.

After that you always have access to handy dashboards with overviews and reports of your analysis data via the plugin (or via the Google Analytics website).

The benefits of the Yoast SEO plugin:

free to download
easy to install
easy to use
crucial insight into your website traffic via handy dashboards
ability to prepare specific reports
function to track and manage 404 error pages and internal search traffic


Why do you want to use Search WP?

A search bar on your webpage is useful and user-friendly for visitors. This way they immediately find the information they are looking for on your website or in your webshop.

However, one search function is not the other. For example, the standard search functionality of WordPress sometimes shows too few and sometimes too many results when you enter a search query.

That is not handy, especially if you have a webshop. With Search WP you get much more control over which search results you want to show on which place on your website.

How does Search WP work?

If you install Search WP on your website, the plugin will automatically start indexing your web pages. The plugin works seamlessly with the standard WordPress search engine and adds its own results.

You can then fully adjust the recording and display of search results to your own preferences. You can also consult statistics about the search behavior of your visitors. This is useful because you know what information, products and services your visitors are looking for!

The benefits of the Search WP plugin:

easy and quick to install
seamless integration with the standard WordPress search function fast and relevant search results fully customizable to your own preferences different “search engines” per website possible
insight into the search behavior of your visitors.


Why do you want to use WP Rocket?

Do you want your website to score well in Google? Then make sure your website is fast! Faster websites are user-friendly and generally score better in Google. This way you attract more visitors who stay longer on your website!

How do you make your website significantly faster? With so-called ‘cache plugins’. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are two well-known examples, but we prefer WP Rocket: in our opinion the fastest and most user-friendly caching plugin!

How does WP Rocket work?

WP Rocket automatically creates a lighter static version for all your web pages: a cached version. If people visit your website afterwards, they will see this static version instead of the original. That way your website loads faster!

In addition, WP Rocket offers various other options to improve the loading time of your website. Think GZIP Compression, LazyLoad, etc. Sounds technical, but don’t worry: the plugin does the work for you! Result? A faster website!

The benefits of WP Rocket

easy to install and use
various options to make your website faster
faster and more user-friendly website
can be combined with a Content Delivery Network
Note : you have to pay for this plugin


Why do you want to use WP Smush Pro?

As we wrote above, faster pages usually score better in Google. This way more people come to your website.

One of the reasons why websites load slowly is too heavy images. So make sure you reduce and compress the photos and images on your website!

WP Smush is a plugin with which you can easily compress images on your website. This way your web pages load faster!

How does WP Smush Pro work?

WP Smush Pro removes all hidden information and “ballast” from your photos and images. This way you make your images lighter without (very) losing quality!

WP Smush Pro does this automatically when you upload new images to (the media library of) your website. You can also resize images in your media library individually or in groups.

With WP Smush Pro you compress photos and images:

individually or in group (bulk)
manually or automatically
The benefits of WP Smush Pro:

easy to install
lighter images and faster loading times
no loss of quality
automatically compress new images
compress old images individually or in bulk

Tip : You also have a free version of this plugin: WP Smush. WP Smush can be downloaded here . This plugin provides much functionality, but reduce image ‘extra’ clever and resize images in a group is only possible with the WP Smush Pro plugin .



Why do you want to use the Visual Composer from WPBakery?

Do you want to set up your web pages completely yourself, but have you not eaten cheese from code and programming? Use the Visual Composer of WPBakery to quickly and easily create your own layouts.

How does the Visual Composer from WPBakery work?

With the Visual Composer from WPBakery you can easily build any layout with an intuitive drag & drop editor.

You select the elements you need for your webpage and you format them. For example, think of an image gallery, a text box, a button, etc. You can then easily drag and adjust all those elements.

Benefits of the Visual Composer from WPBakery:

easy to install
works with (almost) all modern WordPress themes
no programming knowledge required
flexible and comprehensive
quick and easy
responsive and mobile friendly
design your own layouts


Why do you want to use Broken Link Checker?

Both visitors and search engines like links that work.

Working links are user-friendly and good for the search engine optimization ( SEO ) of your web pages.
Defective links are annoying and a missed opportunity to make your web pages score better in Google.
But how do you keep track of whether all links on your website still work? With the Broken Link Checker Plugin !

How does Broken Link Checker work?

Broken Link Checker scans your web pages, blog posts, comments, and other web pages automatically (in the background) on broken links and missing images .

If the plugin detects a defect, you will immediately receive a notification via your WordPress dashboard or via e-mail. You can also immediately adjust that defect via the plugin.

This is especially useful when your external links included on your web pages and blog posts . For example, if a YouTube video from third parties is removed (and therefore no longer plays it on your website), you will immediately receive a notification and you can adjust or remove the link.

The benefits of Broken Link Checker:

easy to install
user-friendly (works automatically in the background)
search and manage defective links and missing images
automatically hide defective links for Google (good for SEO)
Download the plugin here!

8. 404 TO 301

Why do you want to use the 404 to 301 plugin?

If your website visitors want to visit a page that does not exist, they will see a typical error message: “Error 404 / Not Found”.

That is annoying, unprofessional and bad for the SEO of your website. Many visitors will leave your website. Do you want to prevent that? Use the 404 to 301 plugin to redirect visitors to another page.

How does the 404 to 301 plugin work?

The 404 to 301 plugin automatically records all 404 error messages that appear on your website and leads visitors through a 301 redirect to a page that you select.

That can be the main page of your website or any other page, product page, contact page or blog post.

Say, a page with related messages or products is less annoying than a page with an error message, right? And from a business point of view: a page with related messages and products is also commercially more interesting.

The benefits of 404 to 301:

easy installation
better user experience
search engine friendly
registers error messages


Why do you want to use the duplicate post plugin?

You often use the same structure, layout and settings for different web pages and blog posts. But it is time-consuming to constantly have to reset that layout.

The Duplicate post plugin you can save a lot of work! With this plugin you can quickly and easily clone (duplicate) existing pages or posts and edit them as a new article.

How does the duplicate post plugin work?

If you install this plugin, an option appears in your WordPress dashboard to clone your pages and blog posts and copy them to a new draft.

In the settings of the plugin you can also determine which parts of your blog post need to be copied and not: date, status, summary, etc.

The benefits of the Duplicate Post plugin:

user friendly
clone and copy quickly and easily
saves you a lot of time and frustration!



Why do you want to use the hyphenator plugin?

If you align texts on web pages and blog posts (this means: if you want your texts to show a straight vertical line on the left and right) then

rules are often broken unhappily;
you often get a lot of white space between words.
Do you want to align your texts neatly and naturally everywhere? Use Hyphenator .

How does the hyphenator plugin work?

Hyphenator automatically adds ‘hyphens’ or hyphens to your texts. As a result, words are no longer moved to the next line if they are too long, but split into syllables.

This way you align your texts in a more natural way with less whitespace.

The benefits of Hyphenator:

available for different languages
nicer alignment of texts and lines of text
easy to set up with exception rules

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