As an internet agency we are daily busy developing websites and have been working with WordPress as CMS (Content Management System) for years. In this blog we come up with arguments why WordPress is an ideal CMS for almost every website. Is your website already running on WordPress?

At the time of writing, 17.6% of all websites worldwide use WordPress. The share of WordPress is therefore 54.7% of all Content Management Systems. WordPress is by far the most used and popular Content Management System. It is therefore not surprising that more and more internet agencies are moving from their own CMS to WordPress.



8 reasons to choose

1. WordPress is free
The WordPress software is open source and can be downloaded for free via nl.wordpress.org . However, remember, a good hosting provider and hiring someone to shape your website does cost money.

2. WordPress is easy to use
No abracadabra, complicated codes or other incomprehensible language. The WordPress interface speaks for itself. It is optimized for easily publishing and changing content. WordPress makes it easy to change a page or blog and anyone can learn to work with it quickly.

3. Thousands of plugins
Plugins are small extensions for specific functions, the WordPress library has thousands of plugins.
A contact form , print function , social media buttons or other special wish? No problem at all. There is always a plugin for that. Did I mention that plugins are almost always free?

4. Search engine friendly (Search Engine Optimization)
WordPress and search engines love each other. Search engine optimization (SEO) is almost a holy word when you get started with your own website. Because what if nobody can find your website?

WordPress websites are SEO optimized by themselves and do well in Google. Matt Cuts, an important man from Google, said the following about WordPress in an interview: ” WordPress is made to do SEO well “. Is that not good enough for you? Then there is the SEO plugin from Yoast that goes a step further with 4.5 million downloads.

5. Simple installation
WordPress is easy to install in a few steps. Your website will be online in 15 minutes. If this turns out to be too difficult, no problem. Due to the popularity, enough providers and experts have emerged that can help you set up your WordPress website or weblog. And this does not always cost you the main prize. A suitable WordPress solution is available for every budget. Need help with installation? Please contact us .

6. Thousands of themes available
We design most WordPress websites to fit your desired corporate identity. But that is not for everyone. A small self-employed person can attach more value to a good, inexpensive and quickly realizable solution. The appearance of the website is important, but it does not have to fit exactly within a certain design. In that case the thousands of free and paid themes offer a very good and cheap solution. You can find paid, but generally good quality themes at Themeforest, for example .

7. Security
The WordPress developers are on top of it. As soon as security holes are found, an update of the software will follow immediately. Of course it is then important to follow such updates and install them as soon as possible. The security can be properly regulated with some simple extra measures see: plugins at point 3.

8. Used by big names
WordPress is used professionally by big press agencies, multinationals, celebrities, politicians and so on. Take a look at: Top Gear , Anouk , CNN , BlackBerry , Radio 538 and NRC.next .

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