10 Essential
points for the creation of a website.

The creation of a website is an important step and now essential to the development and prosperity of any business. However, competition is tough on the web, and creating an effective website requires special skills. It is a project that requires real human and financial investment. Nevertheless, every company has the opportunity to stand out on the internet.

We will see together 10 essential points for the creation of an effective website.



Essentials of professional website creation

1 – Know your goals
Creating your own website is an excellent initiative, but you must first be able to answer the following questions: What is the goal you are trying to achieve? Is it the acquisition of greater visibility, the creation of a community, the launch of a new product or service, entry into a new market or an accessibility search for your customers and prospects? You must also be able to clearly define what your company represents, what services or products it offers, and what its targets are. Performing a complete analysis of your needs is the first step in designing an effective website : you must develop your site according to your objectives.

2 – Build the architecture of your site
Like the construction of a house, the realization of your website begins with the design of its architecture. The latter is essential for readability, navigation, ergonomics (ie the user experience) but also for SEO. Your site must be accessible and well thought out. It must contain a neat, relevant and representative homepage of your company, an easy-to-use menu, structured and thematic pages, but also a system of thoughtful internal links, contact modules, and call buttons. to action (call-to-action in English), such as buttons to directly contact you or to subscribe to your newsletter.

3 – Choose a relevant design
The design, essential element of your website, must be thought according to the image of your company. Your site is primarily a communication and sales tool, it must be considered as such. You must pay attention to the choice of colors, fonts, general graphics, keeping in mind your objectives. In this perspective, sobriety is your best ally. The best way to showcase the information you want to convey to your visitors is to clean up the content and design of your site. Of course, the graphics of your site must be uniform, each page must remain in the same visual universe and respect the same general layout. To have a real impact,

4 – Do not neglect your content
The content of a website is very important: in addition to the design and graphics of your site, it represents your brand image. It must therefore play an important role in the realization of your site, and it must be neat and thoughtful; ban spelling errors, avoid intrusive ads and disruptive visuals. Content is also one of the most important aspects of the natural referencing of your website: this is what will allow you to simultaneously refer to the search engines and attract your target.

5 – Facilitate making contact
To satisfy your visitors and convert them into potential customers, it is important to establish contact with them through your website. Your different means of contact (such as social networks, your e-mail address, your telephone number …) must be put forward on your site; moreover, the use of an ergonomic and accessible contact form is essential so that we can easily contact you. Facilitating the exchange between the visitor and you is to increase your sympathy capital and make your society more humane.

6 – Focus on natural referencing
In order for your website to be really effective , you have to bet on its SEO (or SEO). The use of strategic keywords, the hierarchy of the levels of titles, a responsive and cross-browser site: all these elements contribute to extend your visibility on the web. You can find more information and advice on SEO in our article ” Improve visibility through its website “

7 – Make your site alive
The life of your website starts as soon as it is online. To be attractive, and therefore effective, your site must be alive. Rich and neat content is essential, you must update it regularly. It shows your investment; in addition, a commonly supplied storefront site encourages your visitors to come back to read you and potentially contact you. In this perspective, you can make use of a very effective tool: a blog for your website. Blog articles are easy to share, they extend your visibility and create links to your web pages. In addition, they enhance the image of your business and allow you to update your site assiduously and effectively. Finally, this allows you to optimize your SEO with Google, which favors sites that are frequently powered.

8 – To provoke interactions with your visitors
To retain your visitors and acquire new ones, it is important to discuss with your targets. You can set up a newsletter, which will remind you of your presence regularly without imposing too much, and give a space of free speech to your visitors in particular in the comments of your site. You can also use promotions and events, such as contests, or sponsorships. In addition to your website, you can promote it for free via social networks. With all these elements you can easily see the feedback on your activity and improve it on a daily basis.

9 – Track the performance of your site
To monitor the progress and impact of your website, you have the possibility to use analysis tools such as the free Google Analytics service: from the number of visitors to the main keywords used, you are able to know everything about the detailed performance of your site. In fact, this service makes a complete analysis of your web traffic: where do your visitors come from, what language do they speak, what are the most consulted articles, how much time do they spend on your site, what are the words? keys they typed, where did they get the link from your site (on Facebook, Linkedin, in a google search, etc …), is this their first visit or are they faithful? You can even see real-time users on your site. All these data allow you to gauge theefficiency of your site , know your axes of improvement and so never stop progressing.

10 – Use a professional
Creating a website requires specific time and skills. Deciding to go it alone in such a project is taking the risk of wasting time and not achieving a satisfactory result. Calling on digital creation professionals (web agency, digital agency, communication agency or freelance) is today the best solution to make your site effective and gain real visibility on the internet. You can choose to work in collaboration with a web provider, who will understand you, advise you and accompany you at every stage of your project. It will then be a real team effort, in which long-term support is the key to your success.

As we have just seen, there are a series of crucial steps to take when creating your website that you can be proud of, and that will bring you a return on investment. However, creating an effective site will require an investment of time, money, and skills that you may not be able to fully support internally. This is why it is advisable to call on experts in website creation for projects of this size. At Hurter Solutions, we make every effort to ensure the realization of a showcase of the most effective on the internet. We will be happy to discuss your projects: we have set up the following contact form: click here .

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